Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Surprise Valentine!

Today marks 5 weeks...a mere 35 weeks until your due date of February 14th.  You are our little Valentine!

You come as a bit of a surprise in that we had barely started "trying" for you.  With your siblings, it took a few months of things regulating out before there was a baby on the way.  But you're already tenacious, as you'll probably have to be with three older siblings!

The past few weeks have been interesting, with a summer trip to Washington and summer in general being in full swing.  Your oldest brother, Daniel, just finished first grade and will turn 7 in less than a month!  Jared is 4 and will start preschool at the same school Daniel attends.  Kaitlyn will be your big sister, and she'll be 2 soon!  It's really amazing that your brothers and sister are growing up so quickly, and that it's time for you!

So at this stage in the game, I start to think about what you'll be like.  Boy or girl?  Lots of hair when you're born?  Blue, brown or hazel eyes (we've got one of each so far!)?  Blonde or brown hair?  Curly or straight?

For now, we'll be patient until we get to meet you on the outside...or even see you on an ultrasound for the first time (I'm sure that will creep up on us before we know it!).

Welcome to the world!