Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Three Weeks!

So I'm posting on my phone right now as you sleep (hopefully!) in your swing right next to the bed.  I say that because I probably won't write as much as I'd like, having to peck out everything on a tiny keyboard with two fingers...

Anyway, you are three weeks old today!  It hardly seems possible, yet at the same time it seems like you've been here longer!

Here's the vitals:

Laurel Alexis Stone
February 2nd, 2016 @ 3:33a.m.
8lbs, 12oz and 19 inches long

You made it to 38 weeks and two days!  One day longer than Jared, 2 days earlier than Daniel.

I'll write more details later, but so far you've been pretty healthy and happy, eating, sleeping and doing all of the things babies do.

Your siblings adore you, each in their own way. 

I'm reminded of how we (me and your dad) hit a wall about this time...tiredness sets in.  More fussy time when we would rather be resting.  Do we're tired, but it will pass...you'll get your days and nights figured out, and eventually everyone will sleep better.

In any case, welcome to the world!!!