Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's April!

As the title says, it's April!  And that means you are now two months old as of the 2nd day of the month!

I'll take a step back and make sure that I record (for all posterity) your stats when you were 1 month old...weighing in at 10lbs, 1oz!  At your two month checkup yesterday, you were 11lbs, 9oz!  I make it a point to mention this because last night I was going back into your siblings blogs and comparing their stats with yours.  All of you were very similar!  All in the 11lb range, going from 11lbs, 3oz (Kaitlyn) to 11lbs, 11oz (Daniel).  22 1/2 inches long...also comparable!

You took the four shots (and one oral vaccine) like a champ, only crying a little and settling right down after I picked you up.

Now stepping back even further to Easter...you got to meet your uncle Gary!  He came down from Reno right before Easter for a few days.  We got to go hang out at the mall a little bit with you, your daddy, Kaitlyn and mommy (me!).

So, what else are you doing...growing by leaps and bounds!  You went through the fussy witching hour, like your siblings, where you started screaming around 7 or 8pm and didn't settle for a while.  Baths helped to calm you down, and I think you're through that phase (whew!).  You are also smiling like CRAZY.  You've always been a smile-er (even in the womb!), but now you do it much more often and in response to seeing someone.

Well, that's about all for now.  It's a bit short, but it's an update to say the least...and we'll take what we can get!