Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Still Cookin'...

A more timely update...while you're still cooking!  The biggest news is that you hit the 36 week mark on Sunday...yay!

Here's the updated stats though:

Trips to the hospital (OB triage):  6
Hospital admissions:  3
Days in antepartum:  7
Rounds of magnesium sulfate:  2 (24 hours each)
Steroid shots:  4 total (2 sets/rounds)
Terbutaline:  4 shots
Doctor's appointments:  many!

So week 36 is "big" for a few reasons.  First is that you are quasi-term (not term, term, but more free to come out).  Apparently they DEFINITELY won't stop labor or anything like that (no more terb).  This also came with having to stop taking nifedipine and progesterone.  So we've gone two days without.  36 weeks marks the start of more tests each week...amniotic fluid levels, a growth ultrasound and 2 NSTs a week.

Backing up a little, your grandma got here on January 10th (Sunday).  On Friday the 15th, we launched into more contractions and went to OB triage again.  At least your siblings didn't have to get up for that one.  I grossly underestimated the number of contractions that I was having, and was clocking them at around every 2 minutes in triage.  The nurse joked "you aren't really in labor, right?", and I wanted to agree.  At first, she seemed to think that I wasn't going home, and wondered if I'd (or me and your dad) would be devastated if we had a baby that night.  I simply mentioned that I preferred if I could get a terb shot and go home.  My wish came true, and right after midnight I got the shot, it flatlined contractions and we went home (with some Ambien to help me sleep).

Yesterday was MLK day, so your brothers were off (Kaitlyn still went to school), and to the doctor's appointment we went.  They needed to reschedule your growth ultrasound/AFI, so that will be tomorrow.  Doctor's appointment was OK (nothing new to report), still hanging out at around 4-5cm dilated (I believe the "official" was 5cm, 90% effaced and about to fall out).  Then to the NST.  Which you were soundly sleeping through.  Which meant it was technically "non-reactive" because your heart rate did nothing...because you weren't moving (they want to see it go up at least twice or so).  It wasn't anything concerning, just sigh worthy because it didn't show anything one way or the other (despite the nurses best try to wake you up!).

So that is things so far!  The people at work are "hoping" you come out in 2 weeks...I really don't know when it could be.  I'm kind of content to let you hang out for a little while longer, even if it isn't the most comfortable thing in the world :)

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