Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy Saturday!

Today was a pretty uneventful Saturday, like most Saturdays.  We haven't gone anywhere terribly exciting the past weekend or two, just because we're gearing up for vacation soon!  Actually, that's probably not entirely the reason, but it will do for now.

We went to Target today, and I wore you around.  You seemed to enjoy looking around at everyone (facing out in the carrier), but fussed a little when I wasn't moving.  We went for a ride up South Mountain, and you were wide awake, watching things go by but pretty content nonetheless.

You were pretty happy overall today.  Lots of giggling (some day I'll catch that giggle in a video!) and smiles.  We set up your pack-n-play to see if you'd like sleeping in there, but when we put you in there, you woke up pretty quickly.  It was still early, so you got a bath (with help from Kaitlyn) and all moisturized down before bed.  Not a bad way to end the evening!

Well, we'll see what's in store for tomorrow, and Monday is a big day, since we're going out to lunch with some of mommy's former co-workers!

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