Monday, May 23, 2016

Playing Catch-Up (A little!)

I spaced out a little bit on doing yesterday's blog entry, but there wasn't a whole lot of excitement going on, so I'm combining the two for the entry today.  I guess it means that you get two pictures!

Sunday was a pretty typical one, going out for a car ride in the afternoon and all of that good stuff.  You didn't get to partake in the pool activities that your siblings did, but you were just as content to lounge in the comfort of the air conditioned house.

We'd set up the pack n play in our room, and attempted to get you to sleep in there...even after you'd gone to sleep in the swing, the transfer didn't last more than a half hour or so.  Perhaps it was because you were hungry...who knows.  We'll keep trying!

And for the daily picture...

And on to today, Monday.  You got to venture out with Kaitlyn and Mommy to lunch with Mommy's former co-workers!  You were so content, and people at the next table over kept commenting on what a chilled out little lady you are.  You enjoyed being passed around and smiling and cooing at everyone.

Not much of a nap today, so you were EXHAUSTED come about 7:30.  Tomorrow...daycare!  Not that I want you to be over tired, but sleeping better at night could be a potential bonus!

Today's picture now!

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